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Paul Montelbano was introduced to metalworking in 1979 while still in college. Fascinated by the practical application of the math and science he had learned in high school and college, he perfected his skill by observing the craftsmen he worked with and by practicing after hours. Soon he was designing and fabricating railings, fencing and other ornamental iron products.

Seeing his work through from concept to delivery and installation taught Paul many important lessons. Interacting with clients, he developed the ability to guide people through the needs assessment and selection process. As he visited clients’ homes for consultations, measuring, fittings and installations he gained an appreciation for “the people behind the jobs.” Like the house he himself was raised in, these were not just structures, they were homes. His work was not about welding pieces of iron and making rails fit. It was about creating products to make living space more accessible for the elderly and the disabled with, keeping children and pets safe with safety rails, gates and pool fencing. It was about securing personal space and private property with perimeter fences and driveway gates, window guards and security doors, as well as improving the value and esthetics of homes with glass, brass, stainless steel and wrought iron products. giving architects, designers and artists a way to realize their concepts and designs became a challenge and a pleasure.

Before long, Paul realized that what started as a way to help pay for college had quickly grown into a passion. It was then he decided that practicing a trade which allowed him to utilize his practical skills, his creative talent and his desire to help others was, in his case, a much more better career opportunity than anything his account degree could offer.  
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